Jack It Up

"Mary has created a book of wisdom. In Jack It Up, she has given us the format to move in the direction of true happiness by living the life we envision. What a gift!" ~ Linda, IL 


Mary Nerburn’s JACK IT UP: A 50-Something Women’s Guide to Fixing a Flat Life and Start Living Again asks the powerful question: “So your life’s gone flat. You’ve lost a loved one, a relationship, a job, your nest egg. Do you feel like you’re sitting on the side of the road, a spectator in your own life? Not sure where your life is headed?“

JACK IT UP teaches do-it-now strategies to jump-start a sagging life and enriching an already satisfying life.  These powerful techniques focus on how to dream big once more, manage fears and show up in life again. Mary Nerburn’s no-nonsense approach appeals to those who seek an engaged authentic life. Her reminder for embracing your true north is “Like a pebble in your shoe, your dream will nag at you until you respond and live it.”

The book explores core values as the foundation for decision making. JACK IT UP examines ways to identify and act on personal giftedness as well as using laughter, movement and connecting with nature to create balance. The reader is guided from one chapter to the next with tools for both reflecting and making real changes with laser questions such as, “What do you know about your potential and what do you intend to do with this insight?”

Mary's ebook is available on Amazon. com  at http://www.JackItUpStartLivingAgain.com


"This magical book arrived in front of me of course at exactly the right time in my life - when I was going through a change in job status. Jack it Up emphasizes eternal verities we can use to connect to strength and spirituality, such as maintaining an attitude of gratitude, learning from nature, the joy received from giving and loving, and the importance of keeping our bodies in motion. I don't know why the subtitle says a "Women's Guide" because the truth in this book transcends gender. After reading Jack It Up, I have renewed strength and trust to continue on my life's journey." ~ Jeff, FL 

"Mary's insights definitely provide great recommendations to living a happier, healthier, more rewarding life. I really liked the question "Is this all there is in my life?" and making a choice to do something different. The "how to lean into your intentions" made it so easy to get started. It is so inspiring to be around people who are lovers of life...why not be one of them!" ~ Beth, IL 

"It was wonderfully written. I especially loved the lessons in etymology, for example: "..inspire (Latin, " to breath into").. ", "Staying resilient (Latin, "to spring back")...". Knowing the origins of these seemingly everyday words gives them a more profound meaning, allowing them to really resonate within you. I also very much enjoyed the various inspirational quotes woven throughout the book. Its a quick read that I find to be applicable to a wide audience-- I'm a recent college graduate who has not quite figured out which path to take next, but this book has helped ease my fear and trepidation while giving me new focus and confidence." ~ Catherine, FL  

"Mary is a thoughtful, engaging writer who artfully translates her life experiences into inspiring life lessons." Jackie, IA