A 50-Something Woman's Guide To Life

Your Audacious You

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Do you ever feel that you don’t move forward with what you’d love for your life because you’re suffering from EXCUSE-ITIS? You have a selection of Go-To Excuses that you automatically default to so you can continue to live small. Do any of these excuses sound familiar? What will my family/friends think? I don’t have…

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May 2014 – One-year anniversary of best selling Jack It Up ebook

Mary Nerburn of Chicago is celebrating the one-year anniversary of her book, JACK IT UP: A 50-Something Women’s Guide to Fixing a Flat Life and Start Living Again. Internationally, women and men of all ages are benefiting from her wisdom. JACK IT UP teaches do-it-now strategies to jump-start a sagging life and enriching an already satisfying life.  Mary’s ebook…

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Sitting on the side of the road

Do you feel as if you’re sitting on the side of the road, not sure where your life is headed? Feel like a spectator in your own life?  Have you ever changed a tire on your car? Do you know how you have to get down, lean in and maybe get a little messy in…

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