Meet Mary

What can I say! Dreams really do come true. Mary, I owe you a  great deal of gratitude for guiding the path to help me to discover my dreams. Who even knew this kind of thing was possible." ~ Peggy, IL


Mary Nerburn is an author, coach, speaker, and results expert. A student of her work, Mary serves as a certified DreamBuilder coach through the Life Mastery Institute. She teaches powerful strategies on how to bring forth your best vision as well as maintain that success when doubts and fears resurface.

Mary is the author of the popular Jack It Up: A 50-Something Women’s Guide to Fixing a Flat Life and Start Living Again.

Meeting inspirational giant Zig Ziglar over 30 years ago ignited Mary's quest to learn and develop strategies to harness the power of human potential. She continually invests in education around best practices in life-changing thinking strategies. Mary has coached with industry greats Les Brown and Mary Morrissey as well as participated in scores of workshops around the country with industry thought leaders.

Through her dynamic, interactive Vision Workshops and her results-focused coaching practice, Mary moves others from wondering "Is this all there is in my life?" to loudly proclaiming "I will not be denied!"

Mary says: “Embrace your dream. Awaken your innermost longings. With consistent effort you will live the life that nests within your subconscious. Like a pebble in your shoe, your dream will nag at you until you respond and live it.”

Mary's philosophy is simple: Give yourself permission to get the pebble out of your shoe, clear the rubble out of your field of dreams, and design a life you love living!